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The Structure

B&B Le Vigne is the result of recent restoration in part of a farmhouse estate called "Le Vigne" (the vineyards). The restoration involved three areas of the complex, which were originally called "The Barn", "The Bakery" and "The Orchard\”.
Restructuring work was carried out in full respect of local and family traditions. This is the reason why the three areas have kept their original names.


opens onto a large room dominated by an imposing fireplace, which is the custodian of an important heritage made up of our ancestors’ tales, songs and loves and the many stories that are yet to be told by new visitors.
Since the building is very tall, a loft was added to the room, providing an area where our guests can spend their time reading or listening to music.
A large stone staircase leads to the lower level where three rooms each with private bathroom capture the landscape's marvellous combination of colours and reflections. A bathroom equipped with a Jacuzzi offers our guests another opportunity to enjoy deep relaxation.


the structure was maintained intact so that guests can enjoy the fragrance of freshly baked bread permeating the air, just as it used to in the past. Out of the oven, our bread is brought to the kitchen and immediately served for breakfast along with cakes and jam made with fresh fruit from our orchard.


In rural cultures, orchards represented a pastime for farmers' wives. After carrying out domestic chores and taking care of their children, they liked to engage in a more creative activity such as working in their orchard, whose abundant produce used to fill their tables.
What better way of bringing the leisurely atmosphere prevailing among those women back to our days, where we no longer seem to have time for anything, than converting the area into a spot where you can relax alongside a magnificent pool?
The areas where vegetables used to be grown are now embellished by local flowers. The driest areas, where nothing but weeds used to grow, will become two beautiful viewpoints from which it will be possible to admire the sun rising and setting over the splendid landscape, a view representing the very essence of peace and relaxation.

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