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My grandfather had memories of living here in Le Vigne estate cottage, which then belonged to Countess Adelina Picconi, with other 26 members of his family. They and their own families all left Le Vigne at different times of their lives but my grandfather and his eight children remained. Among them was my father, who was never to leave this place in his lifetime. I was born here.
One night, in February 1958, we were woken up by a deafening roar: a wing of the house had collapsed. The Countess decided to sell Le Vigne, which at last became our property. In 1961 we restructured the house: this is where I spent my childhood and adolescence, with no other riches than those granted by nature and youth.
The many winters and summers I spent away from this place in order to build my life haven't dimmed my memories of its colours: the white cherry blossoms and hawthorns, the purple clovers, the golden wheat. Nor could I forget the smells and sounds of the farm: scythes, farmers whistling, people running around the paved farmyard when harvested crops were threshed... .
However, what remained etched in my memory above all other things is my mother’s hospitality. I can still hear the echo of her legendary words: “Le Vigne tempt the stomach”. It was true: not a day went by without someone finding the way to stay for lunch, tempted by the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen. When the house was left empty years later, more than the building itself, it was those words and the care my parents used to reserve to that place and whoever happened to be there that I considered as my real inheritance.
Our commitment when restructuring Le Vigne was never to betray whatever brought us back here, and make our guests enjoy the same warm and friendly atmosphere which filled the air during the harvest and threshing seasons.

Paolo Calzolari

The barn, once enclosed by a beautiful farmyard, is shaded by two mighty lime trees and surrounded by breathtaking nature at the foot of the so-called “Volpini” mountains. It lies between the hay fields stretching out in the Mugello area and the Apennine mountain range, and offers a delightful spot, ideal for relaxation, where friendliness and hospitality will make you feel welcome. The rural origins of this place offer countless opportunities for those wishing to spend a restful and regenerating holiday for both body and spirit: enjoy the sight of green pastures, go hiking through enchanting locations where nature expresses itself at its full, and follow interesting nature trails.
The luminosity and comfort of our spacious rooms, the architectural features of the structure, emphasized by natural building materials such as wood and stone, as well as our oven ready to delight you with freshly-baked bread, focaccia and cakes, not forgetting the tranquillity of the gardens framing the property, all make “Le Vigne” a place sure to charm. You will experience a period of total harmony with your own self and rediscover the magic of dreams.

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